St Anthony’s School, opened in 1992 and is located on Veales Road, Deeragun, in the Northern Beaches area of Townsville. The school became St Anthony’s Catholic College in 2005 when the Secondary Campus opened approximately 600m from the Primary Campus on Joanne Street. St Anthony’s Catholic College is part of the St Anthony’s Parish, originally in the care of the Franciscan Friars. This parish was established in 1996. The Church, Primary Campus and Friars’ house are adjacent to each other.

St Anthony’s School was opened with fewer than 100 children. It was established as a co-educational, multi-age school from Preschool to Year 7. In 1992 it comprised a Principal, a part-time APRE/Preschool teacher, three classroom teachers, one office administrator, and a preschool school officer. The class groups were established following a recognised multi-age pattern of Preschool, 1/2/3, 4/5, and 6/7. This grouping pattern provided solid support for establishing multi-age education within this community with the advantage of allowing for growth without overloading class groups. In 2002 the school made the decision, in consultation with parents, to separate the Year One students. In 2007 after long deliberation, it was decided that the Primary Campus would change to straight year levels.

Soon after opening the Primary Campus in 1992, there emerged a demand for a Catholic secondary school in the district. In 1999 land was purchased approximately 600 metres from the Primary Campus and in 2002 it was decided by the Parish, local community and the Townsville Catholic Education Office to establish a P-12 structure and that the school’s name be changed to St Anthony's Catholic College. A Secondary Steering Committee was formed in 2001 to begin planning the project. Members were made up of the Principal, TCEO School Consultant, Parish Priest, and interested parents.

2005 saw the first cohort of 75 students at the Secondary Campus of St Anthony's Catholic College with each year another year level added to the College’s population. The first cohort of Year 12 students graduated at the end of 2009.

In 2008 it was decided to rename the campus sites in a way that would reflect the College’s Franciscan connection, spirituality and ethos. The Primary Campus became known as Padua Campus and the Secondary Campus became Assisi Campus.

In 2022 the College had an enrolment of 1491 students with 937 families and more than 230 staff making up our College community. The College staff structure was and still is a Principal, three Deputy Principals (Padua Campus, Student Services and Curriculum), an Assistant to the Principal – Administration on each Campus, an Assistant to the Principal Religious Education on each campus, a Business Manager, teachers and support staff.

The Franciscan Friars, in particular Father Giles Setter were fundamental in establishing the College and its Franciscan Charism that continues today. At St Anthony's Catholic College we aim to emulate the model of Francis and, of course, Jesus in all that we do. We believe that a school which claims the Franciscan tradition aims to create:

  • An atmosphere that is fraternal
  • A sense of solidarity and belonging among all persons at the school
  • A community of self-disciplined persons
  • A place of pardon and peace
  • A community of service within the larger social community
  • A human environment of beauty

Presently the College has an enrolment of over 1500 students with 937 families and a staff of 230. The College looks forward to continued strong growth in the future as residential developments expand in the Northern Beaches area and enrolments increase at St Clare’s Catholic Primary School at Burdell.

Padua Campus Assisi Campus

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land of the Wulgurukaba and Bindal people and pay our respects to the elders past, present and future.

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