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Miss Jessica Hicks

Role: Prep Teacher 
A little about you: I was born in Ingham, but have been living in Townsville for the last 10 years. I have a son who loves to go swimming and also enjoys going to the movies!
Favourite animal: Puppies!
Favourite food: Crumbed chicken and veggies with gravy!
What do you love about your job: As a teacher, I get to make a difference in other people's lives and that is so rewarding! I enjoy watching children develop the ability to love learning so much! Who wouldn't enjoy helping students to become life long learners, whilst forming strong relationships with their parents and carers? :-)

Sandra Hall

Role: Inclusive Education Teacher

A little about you: I was born in Western Queensland in Mitchell, but as the daughter of a soldier, I have lived in several states/places in Australia. I have one child, a son named Callum. I have many pets - dogs, cats, chooks & fish. I love travelling, scrapbook and card making and photography.

Favourite sport: I don't have one - not sporty at all!

Favourite TV show: Big Bang Theory

Favourite food: lasagna, basically anything with pasta in it, pumpkin

What do you love about your job: The children. Watching a child, who is having difficulty in their learning for whatever reason, make progress. When a child has their 'Aha' moment and things begin to fall into place for them, it is very satisfying to know that you have been a small part in helping build that confidence and success. All forward progress is great success for the children. 

A little about you: I was born in Ingham but currently live at Balgal Beach with my husband, Lucas, and our dog, Duke. I have 11 nieces and nephews who I love very much. I spent a year living and working in London, but missed my family and friends so much that I had to come home. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.
Favourite sports: Netball and athletics!
Favourite food: Definitely pizza!
What do you love about your job: Teaching is so rewarding! I love being able to make a difference and watching children achieve outcomes they never thought were possible. Building positive relationships with my students and their families is also important to me. My class are like my family and I love coming to work and spending my time with them. I also enjoy watching students in my class participate in sports and activities on the weekend. I couldn’t imagine doing any other job. 



Hello my name is Janelle Farlow and I have recently begun working in the Padua Office.  I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to be a part of what I had already thought was a fantastic school.  I have two children, Matthew is currently completing Year 9 and Miss Emily is completing Year 5. I have a wonderful husband who in October this year we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage.

Some of my favourite things to do at my leisure is Shopping, catching up with family and friends.  Another hobby I love is water Skiing but currently with our water supply being so low we have been unable to do this. 

What do I love about my job?  I love being able to help out the children during lunchtimes if required.  Supporting my other co-workers. Let’s face it anyone that knows me, understands I am always available for a chat.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that has welcomed me into my new role.

Role: grade four teacher

A little about you: I have a baby, Paige and a cat named Lilly. I was born in Innisfail, but moved to

Townsville when I was 9. I love living in a city that has it all! Outside living and country feel but some

perks of big city living too. My husband works away and we are looking forward to heading overseas

at Christmas time for a big holiday!

Favourite things to do: I love playing with my bub and spending time with my husband. I really enjoy

having people over for a weekend BBQ and getting together with friends and family.

Favourite food: chocolate, anything pasta, and all home baked goodies.

What do you love about your job: I love working with children and teaching them new things. I love

when children find something interesting or fascinating and a have a light bulb moment. That is part

of the reason why I became a teacher, I love being a part of children learning something new.

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